Enterprise Responsibility

Enterprise Responsibility

1, Law-Abiding, Courtesy and Honesty

    Strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, take compliance operation as the premise of enterprise development, and build a complete Zero Dishonesty, referred to as ZD system, to deal with violations and disciplines with a zero tolerance attitude, and comprehensively guarantee the sustainability of enterprise development.

2, Altruistic Symbiosis, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win

    Do good deeds and serve others. Only serving others, he will have good deeds. Serving others is thinking about benefiting people. This is the highest level of business management. It always considers the interests and inconvenience of customers, consider the customers, and let goods or services reflect the altruistic side everywhere. On the other side, the goods or services will naturally be welcomed by customers, so that our own companies can benefit from it. This is a win-win situation!

3, Customer Responsibility

    With rich business experience, we will create high-quality products for our customers, provide complete solutions and convenience and timely all-round services to meet the diversified needs of customers, exceed customer expectations and bring more value.

4, Partner Responsibility

    The supplier is our important partner. Under the guidance of the concept of “symbiosis”, we will support the growth of suppliers, fulfill social responsibilities, and continue to deepen cooperation with partners to form a new pattern of symbiosis in the industrial chain with systematic management and professional support.

5. Employee Responsibility

    Adhering to the people-oriented concept of diversified employment, we are committed to providing employees with a safe, harmonious and open working environment, constantly improving the incentive mechanism for talent promotion, smooth communication channels, paying attention to employees' work and life, caring for employees' physical and mental health, and striving to create an international development platform for employees and enterprises to grow together.

6, Pay Attention to Environmental Protection

    Enterprises, as the basic production and management units of the society, are closely related to the external society. The free sharing of the ecological environment, the acquisition of resources, the possession of raw materials, and the domination of social resources all determine the social attributes of enterprises, determine that the company has an unshirkable social responsibility that must be taken care of. This is the premise for promoting social progress, maintaining social harmony and ecological harmony. Let enterprises act.

7. Development of Charity

    At present, social consciousness is constantly improving. Our judgment on one person is more and more based on its social contribution rather than wealth. It is also increasingly recognized that “inheritance is more important than spirit, not wealth”, and fosters family style through charity. The inheritance of wealth and family spirit has also become an important way.

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