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  • Detoxicated Tablet
  • Detoxicated Tablet
Detoxicated Tablet Detoxicated Tablet

Detoxicated Tablet

  • curb bacteria, detoxicate, improve bottom environment of pond, deodorize, purify water, suppress moss
  • Main Ingredients: PMPS, catalyzer
  • Description: white/light yellow/ light red effervescent tablet


Sprinkle directly without activation by water,

especially suitable higher & industrial aquaculture.

Main Functions

curbbacteria, especially fungiand vibrio parahaemolyticus, detoxicate, purify water.


1. Use for cold water fishes culture: use at a concentration of 15~20g/m3.

2. Daily use: high-density aquaculture water-- use at a concentration of 0.3~0.45g/m3; Inhibit harmful microorganisms-- 0.45~0.6 g/m3, pay attention to aeration after using a lot.

3. For the ponds which use much chlorine disinfectant and antibiotic before, use the microbial agent afterusing the product to detoxify water and sediment 1~2 times.

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