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  • Food desulfurizer (food sulfur remover / sulfur dioxide scavenger)

Food desulfurizer (food sulfur remover / sulfur dioxide scavenger)

Food desulfurizer (food sulfur remover / sulfur dioxide scavenger)

[Shelf life] One year


 The sulfur dioxide scavenger is a white or red, pure solid crystal. It can safely and efficiently remove harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide remaining in foods and articles, and its value is greatly reduced, even far below the national standards. This product can reduce the sulfur dioxide content in the product from 1000mg/kg to below 20mg/kg, even zero!

 Good performance and quality guarantee the safety of sulfur dioxide scavenger, it will not harm the health of users and consumers, and avoid the trouble that products do not meet the requirements of national food hygiene regulations. In the past few years, the huge economic and social benefits brought by this product have been welcomed by many industry enterprises, and more and more enterprises have become loyal users of this product.

[Scope of application]

 Sulfur dioxide scavenger is suitable for the primary processing of bamboo shoots, radish, ground ring, edible fungus, day lily, konjac, candied fruit, raisin, preserved fruit, rice flour, yuba, wooden chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks, medicinal materials, aquatic products, etc. Post-treatment process. This product can effectively remove residual sulfur dioxide such as sulfur dioxide produced by using sodium metabisulfite, sodium sulfite, sodium thiosulfate and the like as a bleaching agent.


After color treatment with sulfite, rinse with water and then use this product. This product should be diluted with water before use.

    1. Dilute the product with 10-30 times of water, then soak the items to be treated in the dilution for 15-30 minutes, then remove. This dilution can be reused 7 times.

    2. This product can also be diluted with 200-300 times of water, and the items to be treated are placed in it for about 2 hours. This dilution can only be used once.

    3. If the residual amount of SO2 is less than 2000 mg/kg, the dilution factor in the method (1) can be increased to 30-50 times; in the method (2), the dilution factor can be increased to 300-500 times.

 Remarks: The value of dilution ratio is the recommended amount summarized by our company according to the experiment and feedback from some customers. The user can be used as a reference in the actual use process. The specific value should be based on the residual amount of sulfur dioxide in the product, the required standard, product quality, etc. Factor decision. In general, the higher the concentration of the scavenger, the stronger the ability to remove and bleach and change color.


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