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  • Chlorine dioxide preservation disinfectant

Chlorine dioxide preservation disinfectant

Chlorine dioxide preservation disinfectant

Food grade chlorine dioxide preservation disinfectant

Food preservatives As far as food additives are concerned, the most important thing is the impact on human health. Our company develops non-toxic, harmless and effective food preservatives, organizes many experts to tackle the problem and develops them to the world's advanced level. The latest generation of food preservatives. This product is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-volatile, and environmentally friendly. This product is eaten in small amounts and will not produce harmful substances in the human body. It will not remain in the human body and will not cause any harm to the human body. It can effectively control the reaction of converting proteoglycine into ethylene, thereby inhibiting the deterioration of fruits and vegetables. It is not easy to react with fatty amino acids, polysaccharides, and maleic acid, fumaric acid (trans-maleic acid), that is, it does not react with natural sugars, and does not damage cellulose. The nutrition and taste of fruits and vegetables will not remain in fruits and vegetables, so it is harmless to the human body. After adding this product, it will not produce any odor and will not affect the original flavor of the food.

First, the scope of application:

1. Preservation of meat and poultry and aquatic products: When the fry are stored and transported, such as pretreatment of the inner wall of the tank, it has a good effect on disease prevention and control. The newly caught shrimp is treated with this product, and the original color and freshness can be maintained in 7-10 days. The flavor is unchanged when eaten. The treated chicken can effectively extend the storage period at 5 °C.

2. Fresh milk products from the milk and dairy products that have just been extruded can be extended to 5 to 7 days after adding this product.

3, the use of this product in carbonated beverages, purified water, mineral water, can effectively improve the shelf life, avoid the formation of algae, control the growth of various bacteria

4. Practice has proved that the product has obvious effect on the preservation of fresh mushrooms. The newly picked mushrooms are not easy to rot after being sprayed with this product; the fresh mushrooms that have been marinated are soaked in water to remove salt and bleach, and then added to the product. It can significantly improve the quality of the mushroom, reduce the spots, prevent browning, and effectively extend the shelf life.

5, this product is added to all kinds of canned foods, can kill the breeding bacteria at any time, has no effect on the original flavor of the food, will not produce harmful substances to the human body.

6, flowers are easy to lose, cut flowers with a certain product soaked, can be unbeaten in a few days, keep the effect when just cut.

7. The cooked food product factory, after immersing the product (various soy products, cooked meat products, etc.) with this product, is not easy to change the taste and stickiness.

8. The outer skin or epidermis of vegetables is covered with a layer of wax, which has the function of preventing microbial invasion. When the vegetable epidermis is damaged by insects or other mechanical damage, especially the vegetables with high maturity are more susceptible to damage, and the microorganisms invade the inside from the wound and multiply, thereby causing the vegetables to rot and deteriorate. The application of high-efficiency and safe preservatives to the incision of vegetables and the surface of fruits and vegetables can improve the quality of fruit and vegetable products, extend the shelf life of products and increase the income.

Second, usage

This product can be directly added to the fresh-keeping product in proportion.

Third, note:

1. This product should be stored in the dark, low temperature and dry place.

2, this product accidentally splashed into the eyes, contact with the skin should be washed immediately with water.

3. Depending on the product, choose to add this product.

Fourth, packaging: 25kg / barrel

Five. Shelf life: one year

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