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  • Chlorine dioxide bleach

Chlorine dioxide bleach

Chlorine dioxide bleach

[Shelf life] One year


The high content of chlorine dioxide food bleaching agent combines the following characteristics: high purity, high concentration, non-toxic, no residue, fast bleaching, no yellowing, low cost, simple operation, no carcinogen, harmless to humans and animals. It is a rational substitute for bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide, hanging white blocks, etc.

[Scope of application]

Bleaching of various edible fungi, bamboo shoots, mustard, pickles, seafood, aquatic products, candied fruit, oil, oleic acid, bamboo and wood products, herbs


(taking food such as edible fungi and bamboo shoots as an example):

1. Soak the bleached material with water (desalting, salt-free food or other items can skip this step).

2. Take an appropriate amount of high-content chlorine dioxide food bleach solid powder or solution, dissolve or dilute with water.

3. Add a bleach booster (solid or liquid acid) in the same amount as the stock solution and activate for about 10-15 minutes.

4. Continue to dilute with water according to the concentration used, then add the bleached material and bleach for 6-12 hours.

5. Rinse and soak with water (to tasteless).

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