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  • Chlorine dioxide 50% original powder

Chlorine dioxide 50% original powder

Chlorine dioxide 50% original powder

Chlorine Dioxide 50% Original Powder - High Chlorine Dioxide for Water Treatment, Bleaching and Aquaculture

[component] chlorine dioxide 50%

[Shelf life] one year


1. High concentration technology to produce the highest content of chlorine dioxide raw powder.

 2, low cost of use, especially suitable for large-scale water treatment, bleaching processing, aquaculture and other large-volume occasions.

 3. It takes a long time in the water and the drug stays for a long time.

[Scope of application] 1. Sterilization and algae removal of various drinking water and non-potable water such as tap water, food and beverage water, industrial circulating water, etc. 2. Sterilization, disease prevention and water treatment in the aquaculture industry. 3. Bleaching and decolorization of various foods and fats. 4. Conventional disinfection of water quality, surface, space, etc. in various industries such as public environment, household use, and food manufacturing.


1. Add 50 kg of water to a non-metallic container such as plastic, add 500 g of a bag of component A, stir until dissolved, and then add 500 g of a bag of B component, stir until dissolved and let stand for 20-30 minutes. This solution is a stock solution of about 50 liters and a chlorine dioxide concentration of nearly 5000 mg/l. 2. Refer to the following table to dilute to the appropriate concentration with water: Use concentration (mg/kg) of treated water (t) Drinking water treatment 0.2-0.8 300-1250 Non-potable water treatment 5-10 25-50 Aquaculture 0.01 -0.02 17-35 mu·m2 bleaching 2000-4000 —— routine disinfection 100-200 ——

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